Sean Williams - Chair

Sean Williams, PhD, worked in expeditionary education for fifteen years at NOLS (, where he led high school and college students on one-to three-month long mountaineering and sea kayaking expeditions,primarily in Alaska, Chilean Patagonia, and New Zealand. He holds a doctorate in philosophy and an M.A. in Environmental Studies, both from the University of Oregon. He served as President of the NOLS Instructor Association, a global faculty organization with over 300 members, for four years, and served as an advisor to the NOLS Board of Trustees. Sean has also worked as a freelance translator, translating academic books, articles, and business documents from French and Spanish to English. He currently works with Kelley Real Estate in Ludlow. In addition to substantial management experience, Sean brings to Black River Academy both a powerful academic background and a deep grounding in successful models of alternative education. He expects the new high school to attract students and families who value an education for the whole person, grounded in community and environmental values.