VERMONT JOURNAL: 'Black River Independent School Committee gaining momentum'


Sharon Huntley

August 22, 2018; Ludlow, VT – Marissa Selleck wants to see her alma mater transition into an independent school.

Selleck is secretary for the Ludlow-based Black River Independent School Committee and a former Black River alumni, having graduated in 2004. Speaking with Selleck along with committee member Suzy Buckley during the informational meeting Monday, Aug. 20 at the Fletcher Memorial Library, they shared some of the progress the BRISC has been making toward their goal of opening Black River Academy, an independent school for grades 7 through 12, once Black River High School and Middle School closes.

BRISC seeks community input about programming and focus of independent school.

During the most recent Ludlow Mount Holly Unified Union School Board meeting Aug. 8, it was determined the final date for the BRHS school closure to be at the end of June 2020. That now gives the BRISC a solid timeline to work with, and they are moving forward now with a final transition date in mind and with the hope they’ll be able to transition many of the current teachers into the independent school. According to Selleck, “We definitely want to retain great teachers. There’s great staff who have worked there a long time and part of the community.”

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