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Be a part of the future of the Black River Independent School by supporting us today. We have started our initial campaign to raise $800,000 by August 2020. This is the money we need to prove we are financially viable to the state. While state tuition funds will cover our tuition for students we need reserves at 25 percent of our 2 year operating costs.

The generous contributions of supporters like you helps us cover the costs associated with opening the school, including administrative attorney fees, filing fees with the Vermont Board of Education, marketing costs, and the hiring of our Head of School and a Development Coordinator. Further donations can help support, scholarships, field trips, technology, books and enrichment opportunities.

We would love to publicly thank you, but if you prefer to be anonymous we are happy to keep your privacy!

Thank you in advance!

Mailing Address:
PO Box 485, Ludlow, VT 05149, USA